Diversity Matters


The Property Council is committed to building a diverse and inclusive industry.

This includes establishing and funding the Property Male Champions of Change who are working to achieve a significant and sustainable increase in the number of women in senior leadership positions in the property industry. The initiative builds on the transformational work achieved by the founding Male Champions of Change group, established in April 2010 by Elizabeth Broderick, the Sex Discrimination Commissioner of the Australian Human Rights Commission.

The Property Council has also formed Diversity Committees across Australia and their work includes conducting female mentoring programs, research initiatives, new event formats and professional development initiatives.

In 2017 we reached our target of 40 per cent female committee representation across the Property Council.

We have also taken The Panel Pledge, ensuring gender diversity on every panel at our events.

Other initiatives include an inaugural national roundtable meeting of our diversity committees at The Property Congress 2015 and the development of a diversity strategy for the industry that looks beyond gender.

Bridging the pay gap

Industry leaders speak on pay equity at the Property Council's Queensland event 21 March