100 Women in Property
Participant Biographies 

Jade Yew, Project Leader - Hayball Pty Ltd

SPONSOR: Ann Lau, Director -Hayball Pty Ltd

Jade Yew

Since joining Hayball in 2010 as a student, Jade is now leading significant residential and masterplan projects across Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Innovating liveable, well connected spaces that define a sense of place and experience for the end user are at the heart of Jade’s projects. With an emphasis on environmental and social sustainability as well as financial viability, her leadership on next-generation school accommodation draws on her ability to manage complex stakeholders and negotiate constraints to achieve the best possible design outcome. Jade consistently exhibits effective organisation and communication capabilities, but is also highly valued for her ability to bring teams inclusively along the project journey from inception to delivery. By exploring the role of architecture in its greater context, Jade is deeply committed to contributing to the quality of living in Australia and aspires to influence the way we shape our future developments.