100 Women in Property
Participant Biographies 

Robyn Shaw, Assistant Project Manager - Stockland

SPONSOR: Pauline Barton, Senior Development Manager - Housing  -Stockland

Robyn Shaw

I am currently working as a Project Manager within Stockland’s Medium Density team, where I oversee delivery of built form projects across Queensland. I currently have three projects in construction, with a further four entering construction in the next seix months, delivering over 200 new homes to the region by FY18. My background covers a range of industries, having spent time in engineering consultancy, oil & gas and the mining sectors. I started my career as a Geologist and have followed interesting and challenging opportunities to reach my current role. Outside of my job role I am also a passionate advocate for diversity in the workplace and in wider society. I am involved in Stockland’s internal initiatives in these areas, as well as being an active member of the QCWA working to lobby the Australian government on reform on a wide range of topical issues.