100 Women in Property
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Camille Jasson, Project Manager - APP Corporation Pty Ltd

SPONSOR: Pippa Stockfeld, Project Director -APP Corporation Pty Ltd

Camille Jasson

Ambitious, creative and truly passionate about what she does, Camille is not the type of person you come across every day. Her rich heritage and unique life journey combined with her professional sporting background have given her an approach to life that is distinct to most. During her 6 years in the industry, Camille has acquired experience in the commercial and retail sectors but in recent years has fallen in love with health projects, not just for their complexity but for their humanity and sense of fulfilment. Although she is truly making a name for herself in construction, Camille will never define her career successes by big ticket projects, but rather her ability to inspire others to be as passionate about their work and lives as she is. A contagious energy and an innovative mind, Camille possess the natural ability to lead others through her strong and kind nature.