100 Women in Property
Participant Biographies 

Colette O'Reilly, Human Resources Manager / SHE Coordinator - Avid Property Group

SPONSOR: Linda Walsh, General Manager - Marketing and Sales -Avid Property Group

Colette O'Reilly

Colette is a pragmatic HR professional who is respected and sought out by senior leaders for coaching and guidance in all areas of business. In her role as HR Manager for AVID Property Group, Colette is responsible for aligning AVID’s people strategies to drive superior business performance. In doing so, she is a strong advocate of the importance of culture as a key contributor to business success. During her time with Investa Property Group, she was responsible for driving successful cultural change initiatives. She also served as a key member of Investa’s diversity committee which made notable achievements including the establishment of diversity targets, creation of a diversity policy, establishment of sub-committees to champion specific diversity challenges and initiatives, and the implementation of a domestic violence leave policy. Colette strongly supports the need for continued focus on addressing diversity challenges within the property industry.