Message from the Chair

As we navigate our way through tumultuous waters, it has never been more vital than to harness the power of collective scale that the ‘purpose built student accommodation’ (PBSA) sector can offer to Australia and its future. 

Anouk Darling – Student Accommodation Council Chair

International education is Australia’s 3rd largest export, and as we lean in to our ESG commitments, its one of the ‘greener’ sectors, combined with high levels of ‘social’ contribution. PBSA is a sector that for the most part has been unrecognised.

Responsible for the health, wellbeing, safety and the potential of well over a 100k students a year, living within its purpose built environments. The sector is so much more than a roof and a bed, it’s a home and it’s a family. PBSA invests in the economic and social fabric of our cities, providing jobs in its construction and operations in the tens of thousands and the students themselves are both a potential labour force and spend across the retail and hospitality sectors. 

However without advocacy for consistent regulatory frameworks, allowing the sector to attract capital and operate and overall awareness of PBSA as an industry we are against the tide. 
The newly formed Student Accommodation Council will give a voice and a cohesive strategy to the sector so that we may continue to enrich Australia’s future through sector contribution.