South Australia is proud to have a membership of more than 180 companies representing all aspects of the state's growing property industry.  Of these members, 82 are core members which own or manage property while 106 are associate members providing essential services to the sector. To discuss joining the Property Council of Australia please contact Daniel Gannon on 08 8236 0900.


Sensum Associate Member 18 Sep 2020
Cumulus Studio Pty Ltd Associate Member 16 Sep 2020
DMAW Lawyers Pty Ltd Associate Member 28 Aug 2020
TC Pinpoint Pty Ltd Associate Member 21 Aug 2020
BGIS Pty Ltd Associate Member 19 Aug 2020
IWG Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd Core Member 30 Jul 2020
Aurora Marketing Pty Limited Associate Member 14 Jul 2020
Boscaini Investments Pty Ltd Core Member 03 Jul 2020
EGM: Executive Search and Recruitment Associate Member 06 Mar 2020
Bedford Group Core Member 05 Mar 2020