Message from the President

Residential Development Council members are some of the largest organisations in the country. They make up a significant part of the construction sector, which employs well over one million people.

Nigel Satterley AM – RDC President (Chief Executive, Slatterley Property Group)

Our members are respected for the work they do to develop great cities and to deliver housing affordability for the communities of the future.

Our Council champions housing affordability for all Australians. Be they first-home buyers, owner-occupiers, seniors, renters or investors, there should be options for all. There must also be adequate community, sustainable and liveable housing – all are key initiatives for our members.

Membership of the Council provides a unique forum for developers operating across jurisdictions that simply didn’t exist prior to 2001. It provides top-tier advocacy, and gives members real-time access to data, information and policy as it is developed and released.

Building prosperity, jobs and strong communities are values held by all the Property Council’s residential members and underpin our advocacy work. From the largest residential developments, to the smallest trades – we advocate policies that help to make the industry great and bring real benefits to all Australians.

It is this understanding of the future implications of government decisions on everyone, from the smallest to the largest players in the industry, that informs our residential development advocacy work.

Core members are supported by Residential Associates, who provide opportunities to further grow their business. We welcome opportunities to consider future partnerships between industry and non-developer associates.

Our members are leaders, not just in their development practices in our cities and their collaboration with communities, but also in their efforts to work with government and other industry members in pursuit of prosperity, jobs and strong communities for all Australians.