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It is a rare opportunity to be able to design your workplace, one that comes along maybe every 15-20 years. Why not then, invest the time and effort to think through how your office space can truly work for you? Considering the nature of work has changed, the world of work is continuously changing, and yet our mind-sets have been slow to catch up. How can organisations rethink how they work within the space they work in?

Create a more flexible and resilient organisation through Activity Based Working (ABW). Through the course of any day, people engage in different activities and need different types of work settings, tools, and technology to accommodate them. Fixed work-points, desks or offices are now used less than 50 per cent of the time, signifying a huge waste. Not only in terms of square meters and sustainability, but also in operating costs. ABW challenges organisations to consider “What purpose should the office serve? What activities are important to us, to our people and to our customers and how do we support that?”

Veldhoen + Company is the global market leader in Activity Based Working, with the highest number of unique projects worldwide. Better collaboration between teams, attracting and retaining talent, and driving innovation to remain competitive are just some of the reasons clients come to us to create their own new way of working within a new environment. It’s not just about cost savings, nor the building. But it can be a good place to start a conversation! We would love to share more over a coffee, give Una Mapes a call on 0438 820 295 or connect via or Linkedin








The NSW Member of the Month is a highly sought after sponsorship package that give’s companies exposure to the property industry through a variety of mediums. This package is perfect for new and existing members who are looking to advertise their business at an affordable rate.

Member of the Month sponsorship benefits include:

  • Inclusion of a corporate banner ad hyperlinked to your company website in the wide-reaching NSW e-Newsletter.
  • Your company will be featured on the Property Council of Australia website on the NSW Member of the Month landing page for the entire month of promotion.
  • Your company logo will be included in the email signature of all NSW Commercial staff for the full promotion period.
  • One Complimentary registration to a NSW Boardroom Lunch. This is an exclusive invitation-only event with a maximum of 20 people. The calibre of attendees is Senior managers and C-level Executives.
  • One Complimentary registration to a NSW Business Lunch, seated on a reserved table with the NSW Membership Manager. Currently held at the Westin Hotel, NSW Business Lunches attract between 500-700 attendees per month.

To find out more information and to secure your booking, please contact Kiki Heffernan, NSW Membership Manager on 02 9033 1954 or email