Bayswater Town Centre Structure Plan


Overall industry supports a plan that will deliver much-needed town centre development as well as align with the McGowan government’s plans for Metronet – in particular Metrohubs.

The area outlined in the structure plan is of significant interest to the property industry as the Bayswater Train Station Precinct is now one of the most strategically important transport hubs in the Perth metropolitan area.

However, there is the broad view among our members that the Bayswater Town Centre Structure Plan does not address the development potential that should be accorded to a town centre and there is definite scope to increase the opportunities for development around this important transport hub.

Potential for more denisty in the design

To develop a revitalised and vibrant community hub, while also providing enough economic benefit to attract investment from developers, the Property Council recommends a minimum of 6-Storey zoning with a focus on 10-storey products where appropriate.

Better consultation with industry needed

In future drafts of the Bayswater Town Centre Structure Plan, more industry consultation is needed particularly with the investment and development industry who are of the view that the typography of the area and the current proposed height limits would make development unviable for many developers.

Align with State planning 

The City of Bayswater must ensure current plans are in line with State plans to avoid unnecessary and arduous amendments down the track.