City of Perth Review of Kerbside Parking Policy

The Property Council of Australia welcomes the opportunity to provide comment on the City of Perth Review of Kerbside Parking Policies to ensure the policy reflects the changing demographic of the city.

We have consulted with our members to determine the need of Perth’s current and future demographic, as diversified building uses and shifting attitudes to car use change how people interact with the city’s parking facilities. These consultations have identified improvements to make the Kerbside Parking Policies more effective and better support the interests of those that use the city i.e. residents, workers, visitors and business.

The Property Council would like to put forward the following recommendations:

The City of Perth should amend the current policy to reflect the changing demographic of the city to address the needs of uses such as schools, childcare centers and universities. For example, create a 20 minute drop-off zone between the hours of 6am- 8.30 am and between 4-6pm, with a 5 minute set down at all other times, in areas opposite or adjacent to early learning centers.

The City of Perth should introduce 2 minute set down zones to reflect Perth’s growing enthusiasm for ride sharing services; this would provide a balance in the current over supply of designated tax ranks and better represent the current market.