Draft Arden Vision & Framework

The Property Council has provided comment to the Victorian Planning Authority on the Draft Vision & Framework for Arden. Building on the City of Melbourne’s 2012 Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan, the draft framework begins the process of planning for the North Melbourne urban renewal precinct in detail.

Whilst we support the consultative process that Government has adopted, our submission highlights the need to provide industry with certainty around issues such as infrastructure costs and levies, investment incentives and open space contributions. Similarly, direction is needed with regard to structuring sustainable actions and the expectations for progressing the vision of a sustainable and resilience precinct.

Until these issues are detailed, it is very difficult for industry to ‘buy into’ the Vision. As such, we have encouraged the Government to clarify these issues, as well as the Vision’s implementation strategy as a priority.

Click on the link below to download the submission.