Property Council responds to Ageing Queenslanders – Issues Paper

The Property Council has provided a submission to the Advisory Taskforce on Residential Transition for Ageing Queenslanders – Issues Paper.

The submission suggests a series of policy-based solutions to assist the property industry provide housing for our ageing demographic. These include:

  • Planning policy changes to enable the for profit and not-for-profit sectors to deliver purpose built seniors’ housing
  • Requiring councils to adopt the Queensland Government’s ‘fair value’ infrastructure charge for retirement village dwellings
  • Finalising the reviews of the Retirement Villages Act 1999 and Manufactured Home Parks (Residential Parks)Act 2003
  • Allowing retirement village operators to implement innovative financial models
  • Introducing a grant similar to the Queensland First Home Owners’ Grant to encourage seniors to downsize
  • Implementing an educational campaign to shift community attitudes towards ageing and the need to plan for how and where people will grow old

A copy of the submission can be accessed below.