Property Council responds to Draft State Infrastructure Plan

The Property Council has provided a submission to the Queensland Government’s Draft State Infrastructure Plan (SIP), proposing a new framework for infrastructure investment across the state.

In highlighting the failure of the draft SIP to integrate with the existing land-use planning framework, the Property Council has put forward a framework proposal that rethinks the way infrastructure funding and planning occurs in Queensland.

The framework involves a reallocation of a portion of existing infrastructure funds into a central pool, with the aim of facilitating the delivery of infrastructure that aligns with regional plans and regional economic growth.  Through utilising a ‘City Deals’ approach to governance, a formalised structure can be established to ensure funds are directed towards regional priorities.

As the Government is committed to delivering infrastructure without selling assets, the proposed model seeks to make better use of existing funding sources, such as grant funds and the direct investment of governments and the private sector.

The Property Council will continue to work with the State Government throughout the consultation process to ensure the final SIP has a clear and direct linkage with regional plans and local government planning schemes.

The Government has committed deliver a final State Infrastructure Plan by mid-February 2016.