Kurilpa Master Plan

The Property Council has provided a submission on the Kurilpa Riverfront Renewal Draft Master Plan.

The Master Plan provides a logical extension to our land-locked CBD and the area's revitalisation will provide significant social and economic benefits for Brisbane.

The consideration of flexible development options within the Master Plan is strongly supported by the Property Council, as is the focus on 'streamlined processes' to 'attract investment and facilitate timely, high-quality development'.

The submission seeks assurances, however that the Master Plan will build on the fundamentals of the established South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan, which was developed with significant input from local residents, rather than starting from square one.  

Given the considerable role our members will have in the revitalisation of this area, the Property Council is keen to remain involved in the future evolution of the Master Plan.   

More information can be found in the submission, available at the PDF link below.

QLD SUB Kurilpa
(Adobe PDF File)