Building efficiency for jobs and growth

Building efficiency for jobs and growth provides further detail on some of the asks included in the Property Council’s own 7-point plan and leverages our recent work in Every Building Counts. The paper highlights energy efficiency programs and opportunities that will strengthen our economic recovery by boosting employment and construction activity. Recommendations span actions identified for both Federal and State and Territory governments across residential, commercial and public buildings with the top five recommendations as follows:

  1. Improve the comfort and performance of residential homes through targeted equipment upgrades and incentives for deeper retrofits, with a priority for social housing and low income and vulnerable households 
  2. Drive commercial building upgrades through tax incentives and establish a ‘Smart Building Fund’ to support mid-tier building owners to rate and guide the upgrade of their buildings
  3. Embark on an ambitious program to upgrade schools and hospitals and other government owned and occupied buildings with the Commonwealth committing to match funding from state and territory governments up to $150m in each jurisdiction
  4. Empower building owners, buyers and renters with a single national rating scheme for home energy performance and prioritise its development in line with the recent recommendations from the King Review
  5. Undertake a rapid review of skills needs around energy efficiency, and roll out priority measures to support workers transitioning from other sectors