Darwin is currently facing significant economic challenges following the wind-down of the Ichthys Inpex construction phase and the decline of the mining sector.

CBD office vacancies have risen once again and have been the highest in the nation with the lowest demand for three consecutive years.

City retailers face stiff competition from expanding suburban centres, and the growth in the CBD residential population is slowing.

However, it is in such times where the opportunities and drive for change can be the greatest.

This thought piece sets out initiatives to help overcome economic challenges and trigger renewed focus on Darwin CBD as the hub for economic growth in the NT.

The Property Council of Australia is committed to driving discussion on a range of matters to ensure the CBD is thriving for the benefit of its residents, visitors, traders and property owners.

This thought piece presents ideas rather than fixed solutions. There is no silver bullet. What is clear is that a unified vision and approach is essential if we are to position the city for its future.

Darwin is at a crossroads. After a historic residential, commercial, retail and industrial construction boom, our city is under pressure. Despite a rush of major projects and development, there is an overwhelming sense that there is something of a vacuum, with no clear vision or focus on how the city should move forward.

Darwin City is the heartbeat of the Territory. It is the engine room that needs to fire on all cylinders. We can make this happen with the right policy and regulatory changes.

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