Places for people

Whether it’s a new family home or an opera house, our industry designs, builds and manages physical assets which have a profound impact on people’s lives beyond their built form.

Our built environment is integral to our wellbeing, sense of community and aspirations.

As Australia’s population grows, our economy diversifies, and technology offers new ways of living, learning and working, our industry continues to test out bold ideas, tweak existing business models and transform our thinking to meet new demands from our customers.

Creating great places is also how we create great cities. Yesterday in Perth we completed the final leg of our national roll out of our Creating Great Australian Cities project – a report bursting with ideas on how to make this happen. The report’s insights have been very well received by policy makers, business and thought leaders. It has been great to collaborate with Professor Greg Clark and his colleagues from The Business of Cities on this work.

In this issue of Property Australia, we look at how we are creating for generations, whether it is the transformation of the Gold Coast or the latest thinking about buildings which help people to thrive.

We also celebrate the contribution of an Australian industry leader, Sir Albert Jennings. From cul de sacs to off-the-plan sales, AV, as he preferred to be known, improved the lives of generations of Australians with quality, affordable housing and residential communities.

AV knew, even during the darkest years of the Depression, that buildings are more than shelter. They are places for people.