Honouring our industry trailblazers

In 1932 the premier of New South Wales, Jack Lang, opened the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Australia’s population was around six and a half million people.

In Glenhuntly in suburban Melbourne, Albert Jennings built the first house that would form the basis of an iconic company and make the great Australian dream of home ownership a reality for many for the very first time.

Tonight in Canberra, leaders from across our industry will honour the legacy of Sir Albert Jennings when he is inducted into the Australian Property Hall of Fame, along with another industry trailblazer, Frank Charnock. You can read more about their achievements and contribution to our industry in this issue of Property Australia.

Australia has changed profoundly in the decades since Sir Albert Jennings and Frank Charnock entered the industry. These changes are most noticeable in our fast-growing cities.

In the coming decades, Australia’s population will grow to around 38 million people. Both Sydney and Melbourne will be home to more than eight million people each, while Brisbane and Perth are set to become Sydney-sized cities. Sydney will be almost eight times bigger than when Sir Albert started his business.

These changes present great opportunities as well as real challenges in meeting the needs of a growing population for housing, infrastructure and services while also maintaining the amenity and lifestyle that has been the hallmark of the Australian experience.

Through our ‘Creating Great Australian Cities’ project the Property Council has been leading the debate about how we plan for the growth of our cities. We’ll continue to do so through our advocacy for our industry’s ideas, energy and capabilities in creating Australian places and communities.

As the achievements of Sir Albert Jennings and Frank Charnock show, Australia has been built by people of vision, enterprise and ambition. Our industry is well-placed to harness these attributes to provide a prosperous and growing Australia for generations to come.