Great leaders and great cities

Good leaders help to inspire and provide direction and purpose.

Our industry is fortunate to have some truly great leaders, past and present, who have left a legacy for generations of Australians through the places and communities they have created.

That leadership can take many forms, whether it be at the helm of a business, organisation or in public office.

We’re delighted to see that one of our own leaders is now taking on even greater responsibilities for one of our great cities. Sally Capp’s election last weekend as Lord Mayor is a fantastic result for Melbourne and offers great promise for the future. We have been very fortunate at the Property Council to have the benefit of Sally’s contribution as our Victorian executive director and wish her every success in her new role.

I am also delighted with the appointment of a new leader within the Property Council, Mike Zorbas, who takes on responsibility for our critical national policy and advocacy programs covering the federal parliament, sustainability, capital markets, residential development and retirement living programs. Mike is well known to many through his previous experience at the Property Council and some of the leading businesses in our industry.

This week, we’re stepping forward to show some collective leadership on the issue of how to create great Australian cities. It’s a discussion that matters for all Australians, and we’re proud to play our part in driving the debate about how we set up our cities for success in the ‘metropolitan century’.

And next week, leaders from across our industry will gather in Canberra for the annual Property Leaders’ Summit, Dinner and Hall of Fame inductions to celebrate those whose leadership has changed our country for the better.