Creating for Generations

When you look at the cranes, bulldozers and hi-vis vests around our cities at the moment, it is so apparent that our industry is a driver of the growth we are now seeing across the economy.

At the end of the mining boom, it was our industry that provided the jobs and investment that Australia sorely needed.

Through good times and bad, we create housing and business spaces for our communities and provide prosperity for households around the country. Unlike other industries that might be concentrated in a few geographic areas, the people of our industry are found in every suburb and town across Australia.

I’m so proud of our industry and the work it does.

The anecdotal evidence of what our industry is achieving across Australia is backed by new research. This week, as part of the launch of our industry campaign, Creating for Generations, we released research by the AEC Group which found that our industry is not only the biggest direct contributor to Australia’s GDP, generating $202 billion a year, but we are also the biggest employer. The industry provides a staggering 1.4 million jobs and supports one in four wages across the country.

And we are paying our fair share as well – with $88 billion in federal, state and local taxes – helping to support important local services and infrastructure.

Our industry’s growth is good for Australia.

Our work is not just good for jobs, investment and the national outlook. We are innovating as well, and our communities are benefiting.

This week, we announced the 137 finalists for this year’s Property Council of Australia / Rider Levett Bucknall Innovation and Excellence Awards. The finalists are a startling array of fresh thinking that is transforming everything from our shopping centers to our hospitals. And as you will read in this week’s issue of Property Australia, even the suburban community swimming pool is getting a makeover as we see new ways to create communities and help meet people’s needs.

The Property Council of Australia is a proud enthusiast of our industry. We want Australia to know the great story of what our members do every day. Our campaign is one for everyone in our industry to participate in – and already many members are using the collateral of our campaign with their own staff, suppliers and customers, and showcasing these messages to the public on their property assets. If you also want to get involved, please let us know.