Change and continued effort

Public advocacy can sometimes be best described in the phrase ‘hurry up and wait’.

The work of engaging, consulting, driving new ideas, and participating in the debates that shape communities is something that is about continual effort.  Sometimes change is fast, other times slow, but mostly, change is the result of continued, ongoing interaction.

Every week the Property Council engages with governments, community groups and our members around the issues that are shaping the buildings of modern Australia.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the activities that the Property Council has engaged in since the start of last week:

  • Co-hosted the annual Green Cities conference in Melbourne attended by property, business and government leaders
  • Put the case for urgent action on the Gold Coast to address a looming land shortage
  • Engaged on the ABC’s Q&A program about the issue of population and cities growth
  • Offered solutions to the under-utilisation of older building in Perth through legislative changes making it easier for building upgrades
  • Backed in the ‘venetian staircase’ in Darwin to better link the mall and the waterfront
  • Released A common language for social sustainability report
  • Reviewed and responded to the release of the final Region and District Plans for Sydney
  • Responded to the Victorian Government’s safety update on PE cladding
  • Commenced our interactions with the new government of South Australia

It’s a great mix of issues dealing with the immediate and the future, the practical and the theoretical, and the contentious as well as the popular.

Democracies and communities are about participation – and I am proud that we are enthusiastic as well as thoughtful participants.

On any day, the Property Council is putting the case for policies and strategies that create jobs, build better communities and answer the challenges of our time.

I believe we do this exceptionally well because we are a member organisation, and the advice and lived experiences of our members permeate everything we do.