Big data, sustainability and our cities 

For the last two days I have been attending our annual Green Cities conference which we run in partnership with the Green Building Council of Australia.

A decade ago the conference focused on emissions and building standards. As our industry tackled more of those issues, it has evolved into a forum for sustainability in its broadest sense.

Green Cities challenges the industry to think outside the confines of bricks and mortar.  It explores the financial and non-financial dimensions of sustainability. And it reminds us that real estate connects with communities in deep and powerful ways. 

Delegates heard local and international perspectives on disruption, big data, the growth of our cities, financing sustainability and a masterclass in authentic leadership.

The creativity of the people in our industry was on display.

This is a great message to remember on International Women’s Day. 

Across our industry women are transforming our industry. That is happening because many of the old gender barriers that held us back for so long are breaking down (but there is much work still to do).

This transformation is something that we champion and that we believe in.

On this International Women’s Day we celebrate the women who are assuming leadership across our industry – and we rededicate ourselves to ensuring there will be many more to come in the future.