Our blueprint for jobs and communities

The starter’s gun has now been fired for the Queensland election.

It marks the start of an election season, with the Queensland poll on 25 November, the crucial New England by-election on 2 December, the South Australian election on 17 March and Tasmania to go to the polls before May.

In Queensland, our team has released the Property Council’s election blueprint: Unlock Economic Activity, Create Jobs and Build Confidence.

The document’s 22 initiatives are built around the needs of Queensland. They focus on the twin themes of unlocking economic activity and creating jobs, and initiatives to build investment confidence.

We want policies that create jobs, reduce congestion, remove needless red tape, encourage investment in new infrastructure, and help put housing in the reach of more Queenslanders.

Our industry employs more people than any other – and we also pay 49.8% of all state and local taxes in Queensland. When the industry thrives, the economy thrives.

The blueprint is a problem-solving document – and our teams in South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria are working on similar blueprints to release ahead of the elections in those states over the coming year.

Nobody knows what sort of parliament Queensland will elect, much less who will be able to form government. However these are practical measures to create jobs, help communities and build a more productive and cohesive society – priorities for any premier.