Keeping the public's confidence

We are currently living in what can euphemistically be called an ‘issues-rich environment’.

Build to rent, stapled securities, retirement living advocacy and cladding have all been top of our agenda over the past few weeks.

None of these issues are easy.

While the media likes to cover most issues as good versus bad or right versus wrong, our experience is that finding the right outcome is about common ground, compromise and respecting different views.

In a world that thrives on polarisation, anger and short-term responses, our ethos is to embody what our industry does every day – and that is to build communities.

Last week, the Property Council decided to support a ban on the future use of 100 per cent PE cladding. It wasn’t an easy decision, because mostly, this product is used safely.

Nevertheless, our approach, informed by extensive consultations with members and policy committees, was that we must prioritise community confidence in our buildings. You can read in this issue more about the complexities that surround PE cladding and our position.

In everything we do, from fire safety to housing affordability and the management of retirement villages, public confidence is key. If you want to know what it’s like to lose public confidence: have a look at the banks.

The property industry is Australia’s biggest industry, employing more than mining and manufacturing combined. This means we often face big issues – and when we do, our approach is consistent: assess data, find common ground and work for an outcome that is good for the industry and good for the country as well.