Competition, collaboration and disruption

It’s been a busy fortnight – with over 2,800 people attending Property Council events and another 1,700 people booked in to attend our Australian Office Market Report events tomorrow.

Our events aren’t just chances to network – they are one of the best ways we transmit ideas across our industry and drive change.

Competition and collaboration have long been considered the driving forces of innovation in our industry – and the hundreds of interactions we generate each week all make it easy for ideas to travel fast.

In this week’s issue Carmel Hourigan, AMP’s Global Head of Real Estate, argues that we need another force as well and that is disruption. She argues “We are in a disruptive environment, and we need disruptive leaders and thinking”.

This means looking in a different way at skills and the portability of skills – and creating a workforce that has broader experiences and backgrounds.

This challenges the status quo and, in turn, drives change. We see it in this week’s issue with the changes occurring in our mixed use developments, the drive to establish the build-to-rent developments and the work of the Property Male Champions of Change driving positive change across our industry’s workforce.

Princess Ventura from Urbis (a speaker at our Property Congress this year) reminds us how a change in thinking can provide extraordinary results particularly as it relates to mixed-use developments.

We can all think of sterile business districts that shut down at the end of the working day.  But increasingly, our industry is creating spaces that have heart and soul and that create community and connections outside of work. These changes are demonstrating that connectedness to space and community is making our industry a practical creator of inclusiveness across Australia.

Competition, collaboration and disruption are all reflection of a vibrant industry that is making a difference to the lives of Australians every day.