A truly creative industry

On Friday night over 1,000 people from across the industry will gather for the annual Innovation and Excellence Awards Gala Dinner at Sydney’s International Convention Centre.

This year over 140 finalists will be competing for 20 awards.

The Property Council / Rider Levett Bucknall Awards allow us to celebrate and promote the innovation that occurs across the industry.

These awards are aptly named – this is a truly creative industry.

Across the country, the competitive pressures of our industry, the unique challenges of every project, and originality of thinking drives enormous innovation.

We see how personal interactions, formal and informal, across the industry spark new ideas; how the young get mentored; and how new businesses surprise the old and market leaders become nimble in response to new challenges.

For those not joining us on the night, you can catch up with all the winners in the next issue of Property Australia – or follow all the action on Twitter with #IEawards.

Next week we will finally see the details of the Federal Government’s housing affordability package, as well as potential good news on infrastructure commitments.

There is no one solution to the vexing housing issue – and as we report in this edition, we have released our Fixing Housing Affordability plan which details ten solutions which can be pursued across all levels of government.We will send you a Federal Budget overview following Tuesday night’s Budget and our next issue of Property Australia will be delivered to your inbox next Thursday morning.