A time for optimism

Welcome to the first edition of Property Australia for 2017.

New years should always be a time for optimism – not just because the traffic is lighter and it’s easier to find a seat on the bus or the train, but because we should start a year with the plan for it to be more successful than the last.

By most measures, last year was a good year for our industry.

Housing construction was strong, commercial fundamentals were mostly good, interest rates were low and we saw progress on federal and state regulatory fronts (including the return of the ABCC).

The good news from our latest confidence survey (conducted with ANZ) is that industry confidence is at its highest level in two years, with everywhere but WA confident about the year ahead.

Following the end of the mining investment boom, our industry has been delivering the jobs and the investment that Australia needs. That’s a story we will continue to tell during 2017.

Our message to government is that our industry is vital to the prosperity of our country and the strength of our communities.

We are key to delivering growth for Australia during 2017.

So welcome back – and let’s get stuck into it!