The art of good decision-making

Every day we make decisions.

Most are easy, but some stop us in our tracks and make us really think.

Mostly, our decisions are guided by three distinct factors: our experiences, our current circumstances and our values.

Our values are at the heart of who we are. They are the guiding principles that remind us what matters when we are seeking to make the best decision, often during times when there are conflicting demands or incomplete information.

So it’s important for organisations to stop and think about their values from time to time.

Last week, the Property Council did just that and updated our corporate values.

At the heart of our organisation are our members and our values strongly reflect that. We exist for the advancement of an industry that provides jobs for 1.1 million Australians and is responsible for one ninth of our GDP.

Our values are clear:

Our members – we put our members at the heart of what we do

Leadership – We make a difference in our industry and in our community

Excellence – We are passionate about our work and deliver outstanding results

Collaboration – We respect each other’s diverse views and are committed to our one company culture

Integrity – We are ethical, accountable and believe in each other.

These are the values that we uphold and the standards against which we are happy to be held accountable.