Safe haven

When people talk about the property industry, they mostly speak about building – about planning, design, construction, and the needs met by property.

However, the Australian property industry is as much about finance and capital markets as it is about the gritty work of building homes, offices or shopping precincts.

Australia's challenge is to make capital flows as easy as possible and to remove the blockages that hinder decisions to invest.

All too often the debate sees Australia's success as a negative. The fact is our industry is very attractive to international investors.

Australia’s capital markets, regulatory regime and political environment are sophisticated and reliable. Sovereign risk and regulatory risk are limited compared to other places in the world. As well, we are a growing market that creates new opportunities.

For investors, Australia provides a safe and predictable place to invest. For Australians, this investment has funded the construction and growth of our cities – and it underpins our economy. 

Foreign investment is a good result all round.

Capital flows are vital for our economy and our industry – and understanding them is crucial for most businesses in our industry. It’s why the investment, finance and asset management courses at the Property Council Academy are some of our most popular – and its also why our annual Canberra Leaders Summit is a must attend event for CEOs and industry leaders.

Foreign investment is the life force that funds a growing industry and underpins a growing economy.

Australia has a good story to tell as an investment destination – we are a safe, trusted, secure and growing economy that has few equals in our region. It's a reputation we should be proud of, and one we should work hard to retain.