Preparing for the future

There’s something about Australia that never ceases to amaze.

Archaeologists from the University of Western Australia have recently discovered the earliest stone houses in Australia. Remarkably they are almost 9,000 years old and are being excavated on an island near Karratha in Western Australia. It’s a fascinating window into the lives of our first Australians.

These houses were circular stone structures that sought to meet the environmental, social and practical needs of the occupants.

While our current world is nothing like that of those times, we are still trying to make our homes and communities as functional and practical as we can – and making incremental improvements all the time.

Business and political leaders like to talk about innovation – but innovation is simply trying to answer the challenges that are before us.

Our industry is remarkably good at finding new ways to make our homes, communities and workplaces more suited to our needs – but we also must be just as good at anticipating society’s future needs. What will our retail centres look like in 20 years in an e-tailing world? How will our warehouses change when robots are filling our online orders? And how do we maximise the real benefits of collaboration when technology will allow many more people to work anywhere?

One of the benefits of being part of the Property Council is the ability to meet, listen and participate in many of the conversations that shape our industry.  These interactions sharpen our thinking. Every week we have events, classes and committee meetings that encourage the collaboration that has helped make our industry a world leader. It’s why this year’s Property Congress sold out many months ahead of time.

There is no shortage of opportunities to network, learn and collaborate. I encourage you to get involved in the events, training and activities of the Property Council because it will help you and your business better prepare for the future.