Five reasons for a positive outlook

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Melbourne Cup or a Presidential election, we live in a world that feels hard to predict.

The truth is, it’s always been that way.

The good news is that there are some fundamentals about our industry that should make us positive about the future.

Let me give you five reasons to be confident.

1. Interest rates are at historic lows – the cost of business and government borrowing to build has never been cheaper. If there is a best time for governments to invest in long-term economic assets it's now.

2. Australia’s population is steadily growing – according to the ABS, our population is increasing by about 325,000 people a year, so there are strong demand drivers for our industry.

3. Australia is seen the world over as a reliable place to invest – as our International and Capital Markets Division put the case recently, Australia is a dependable investment location that provides regulatory certainty.

4. Australian property companies are world leaders on many indicators – our market is one of the world’s most transparent, we are world leaders in sustainable property, and our skills and innovation are being exported around the world. It’s why we are so focused on developing and broadening the talent pool in our industry.

5. Both sides of politics are now alive to the importance of cities to fulfilling our economic potential – there is now a new dialogue on critical issues vital for our industry: city deals, asset recycling, and incentive payments to reform state planning systems.

There is always uncertainty, but there are compelling reasons why our industry can be positive about the future.