Building coalitions and communities

Every quarter, we release the ANZ Property Council survey that tests the vital signs of our industry.

It’s a survey of about 1,800 industry participants (it’s the biggest of its kind) and one of the consistent features of the survey is the strong expectations in the retirement construction sector.

This week, nearly 500 people attended the annual National Retirement Living Summit and it is clear that the sentiment of the survey reflects what is happening on the ground around Australia.

The release of the Retirement Living Census has shown that the sector is not just providing accommodation for older Australians, but it is making a meaningful difference to their health, independence and well-being.

It serves as a reminder that our industry doesn’t just build houses, offices or shops, we build communities and we make a meaningful difference to people’s lives.

That’s why the Property Council, whenever it can, partners with government and other groups, in conferences, discussion papers and research projects because it’s the way we share what we have learned and a way that we build broad coalitions.

In the last week alone, we have:

As well, across Australia, the Property Council continues to make submissions to state and local governments, held events and recognised achievement.

All of this work is about helping our industry answer the challenges of our time – affordability, sustainability, productivity and the need to invest in infrastructure so our cities can grow.