Time to get on with the job

What an extraordinary political fortnight! While the politicians and the media spin themselves into a frenzy, the normal workings of government have ground to a halt.

Back in the real world, economic growth remains insipid with the RBA concerned enough to again cut official interest rates last week, the federal budget is stuck with deficits as far as the eye can see, and a host of reform agendas remain to be tackled.

The evidence that Australia’s economy – and the federal budget – is facing significant challenges is beyond doubt.

Business confidence, sensible policy and long overdue reform in key areas such as tax are critical if we are to turn Australia’s economic fortunes around and prevent further deterioration.

All three require political stability and strong government, with a clear focused agenda.

It’s also what our industry needs as one of Australia’s main growth sectors if we are to be able to create the prosperity, jobs and strong communities that only this industry can.

While Tony Abbott may have retained the Prime Ministership, if he is to survive in the long term he will need quickly to resolve the issues that are so deeply dividing his party room as today’s 61-39 vote shows.

Our message to all politicians is as simple as it is blunt: get on with the job of governing! The country needs you on the job.