Cities take centre stage

Our new Prime Minister has lost no time in placing cities squarely back on the federal agenda.

The appointment of Jamie Briggs as Australia’s first ever Federal Minister for Cities and the Built Environment should be heralded for what it is: a key economic appointment.

New Treasurer Scott Morrison, the former head of research for the Property Council in the 1990s, has an unrivalled knowledge of housing and the broader property sector.

And Morrison will be ably assisted by Kelly O’Dwyer, the new Assistant Treasurer – a talented performer who is well across the issues affecting the built environment.

Together, this ministerial trifecta has the potential to drive change in the cities that power our economy.

In yesterday’s Australian Financial Review I outlined three initiatives that should be central to the government’s cities agenda.

“Liveable, vibrant cities are absolutely critical to our prosperity” the Prime Minister declared on Sunday.

And that’s exactly what the industry is counting on this new team to deliver.