A new strategy and a stronger voice

The countdown is on.

Eleven days from now Australia’s most populous state heads to the polls, and as with the recent elections in Queensland and Victoria, reform is at the heart of the political contest in New South Wales.

Questions are being asked as to whether governments, federal, state, or local, can take on meaningful reform. Will their electorates let them?

Or is reform now too hard and good policy must play second fiddle to expedient politics?

In this environment it is vital that our industry speaks with a strong voice in the critical debates that will shape our nation’s future.

We are one of Australia’s economic heavyweights, accounting for one ninth of the country’s total economic activity.

The power of our advocacy must match our economic might.

We must speak with a stronger voice and champion a clear reform agenda.

We must tell the proud story of our industry so the community better understands the extraordinary economic and social contribution we make to the nation.

And that is what the Property Council’s new three-year strategy is all about: championing a thriving property industry that creates prosperity, jobs and strong communities.

The strategy is set. You can read it here. Now it's time for action and outcomes.

The Property Council is where the industry comes together to define its collective future.

This strategy seeks to make that future all that it can be.