Regional Diversity

The property sector is Australia’s biggest industry and employs 1.1 million Australians. Across the Hunter, it contributes $3.6 billion to economic growth, pays $1.4 billion in wages and generates 23,190 jobs.

And traditionally, it’s been a “bloke’s world”, but all that is changing.

The Property Council established and funded the Property Male Champions of Change in 2015 to drive greater gender equality in the property industry and increase the number of women in senior leadership roles. Diversity Committees were also formed across Australia, whose work includes conducting female mentoring programs, research, new event formats and professional development activities.

Locally, we have been making a real difference the past two years by taking The Panel Pledge, ensuring gender diversity on every panel at our industry events. That provides a more holistic view of society, leading to broader conversations and stronger outcomes.

But there has been another key target for our region – 40% female representation on the peak industry body’s Hunter Committee by 2017. The conventional wisdom in 2016 said this would be a hard number to reach. After all, female representation stood at a lowly 16%.

Not only did the Hunter Committee hit that target – it was exceeded and gender parity was achieved. After a concerted campaign and a record number of nominations, female representation rose from 3 to 10, or a whopping 230%.

And within that group lies enormous career diversity. They are senior professional women that represent the full spectrum of the industry, creating landmark projects and environments where people live, learn, work, and play.

It makes the Hunter Committee an extraordinary industry brains-trust – one that will develop innovative policy solutions for Government