Property sector can only be defined by it's people

This week I was asked about what I thought of the ‘prevailing culture’ of the ACT Property Sector – the implication of course being that there was something wrong with it.

The ACT property sector is made up of developers, builders, architects, lawyers, town planners, real estate agents, community engagement specialists, contractors, consultants, heritage experts, financers, providers of our essential services, universities, community housing providers and even government departments like the CSIRO, Environment and Defence Housing. 

What makes our property sector unique is that almost all of those who work in the sector also live in Canberra – choosing to raise their families and build their businesses here.  It is these Canberrans that are responsible for building our city and with it the shops, cafes, restaurants and work spaces, student accommodation, transport connections, and public spaces and places.  They are the ones who build, sell and hand over the keys to thousands of home buyers every year.

When I talk to people in our sector they talk about the work they do every day to renew, transform and create the community that as Canberrans we are so immensely proud of.  We talk about solutions - how we can build sustainably, affordably and how we transform mindful of our role as the nation’s capital.  We talk about we can get the highest quality designs and standards in what they build, how we can provide for our ageing population, and provide for the future generations who will live here.

The prevailing culture of the ACT property sector is one that it is defined by its people.  By the almost 25,000 Canberrans who are getting on with the job of building the best city they can, because it is also the place they call home.