New Bushfire Prone Area Maps released and in force

The new edition of the Bushfire Prone Areas Map came into effect on Saturday 28 September. This builds upon the work earlier this year from a number of government departments in making changes to the Bushfire Policy Framework following the Buti Review of the 2015 Bushfire Reforms.

These changes included amendments to the classification of Bushfire Prone Areas based on land parcel size, which came into effect on 31 July this year. The updated map released in September reflects these changes to Bushfire Prone designation. Other changes already made include a partial relaxation of certain compliance requirements for development applications and building permits linked to developments on land previously designated as Bushfire Prone. The relaxation of these requirements applies to development applications and building permit applications submitted after 31 July. In some instances, this also allows for modifications to be made to the design or construction of proposed projects where the Bushfire Prone designation no longer applies.

Work continues on Stage 2 of the changes responding to the Buti Review. A co-ordinated government approach is ongoing between DPLH, DFES and CSIRO to refine the mapping methodologies so that the management of Bushfire Prone land is in line with best practice and uses the latest technology. The development of this methodology, including its implementation, is not expected to be complete until next year.

DFES’ updated Bushfire Prone Map is available at this website.

To find out more about the Bushfire Framework Review and subsequent policy changes, click here.