Sabina Apartments choose gas


A luxury high-rise apartment complex overlooking the Swan River in Applecross has opted to use natural gas as the development’s primary energy source.

For the first time in Perth, developer Finbar Group is supplying its newest high-rise residential apartment complex with natural gas hot water and natural gas powered stove tops for its 167 apartments.

ATCO Senior Business Development Manager, Lester Maher said that historically there has been a mixture of gas and electric appliances in high-rise apartment buildings. This project is a first of its kind for the use of natural gas throughout a hi-rise building.

“ATCO has installed gas supply infrastructure, including supply copper rises, coper piping and meters which connects to the centralised hot water plant and feeds gas to each floor of the development to provide hot water throughout the entire complex, reducing costs to the developer and also providing future residents with premium service,” said Lester.

“This is an extremely cost efficient way for the developer to provide hot water to each apartment.”

The project provides additional benefits to the developer through ongoing strata management savings when compared to having a singular master meter and sub-meters. Having individual billing meters also provides a choice of retailer to the end user which can provide additional savings.

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ATCO is the official energy partner of Property Council WA.