WA Tomorrow Population Report released

The latest edition of the WA Tomorrow Population Report, which acts as the population forecast for the State Government, was released in late August. This report takes ABS data to model a range of population forecasts and scenarios for WA over the coming years.

Released every five years, the report is compiled by the WA Planning Commission and the Department of Treasury. It is a key piece of work in guiding government decisions and responses to the changing needs of our state, with a particular focus on infrastructure, education and health services. 

The latest report projects that WA’s Annual Average Growth Rate between 2016 and 2031 to be between 1.32% and 1.89%. This is a revision down from the estimates of the previous report, released in 2016.

Key insights of the report include commentary around the lower population forecasts, particularly with respect to a significant decrease in both international and interstate migration to WA, as well as the changing composition of WA’s age and gender profile moving forward. As expected, WA’s population is forecast to age further due to increased life expectancies and the onset of retirement for the baby boomer generation. However, less migration will also expose WA to having a lower number of younger people entering the workforce as lifestyle preferences change. The report notes this exacerbates the challenges that come with an ageing population, especially in the labour market.

The report can be accessed at this link.