How to make places go BOOM!

Last Friday saw a great turnout at the Property Council’s Making places that BOOM lunch at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. The theme that emerged at the event was how places need to create stories that are authentic and true.

Keynote speaker Guy Taylor, Place Brand Strategist at Place Brand Agency, joined locals Nigel Oakey, Kylee Schoonens and Myrianthe Riddy to share their experiences in shaping places in a way that appeals to tourists and local communities alike.

Guy Taylor spoke about his experience with the Tasmanian government in re-shaping that state’s tourism branding and strategy, drawing on various examples to demonstrate the challenge (and reward) of differentiating a destination from other locations.

Nigel Oakey shared his insights into rejuvenating the old Katanning flour mill and turning it into a luxury hotel and Dome restaurant. The popularity of the new Premier Mill Hotel with locals and surrounding communities is testament to the success with which Nigel and his team have been able to achieve in a challenging rural environment.

Continuing on the hotel renewal theme, Kylee Schoonens spoke about the well publicised re-development and refresh of The Guildford Hotel. Although it is no secret the redevelopment of the site had its fair share of hurdles, Fratelle Group have been able to leverage Guildford’s heritage coupled with increased interest in the Hills region to spark life into one of Perth’s old favourites.

Finally, Myrianthe Riddy presented on her thriving business in Mandurah, showcasing the local marine environment to international tourists in particular. Myrianthe emphasised the important on drawing on local knowledge and partnerships to be able to produce a product that showcases some of WA’s best kept secrets.