Retail Business Specialist - Non-executive board position EOI

An experienced consumer and retail expert that can assist the market to build a more profitable retail business.

They will possess some or all of the following:

  • Valuable current retail insight
  • Significant knowledge of consumer trends
  • Understanding of latest retail trends
  • A knowledge of retail strategy development
  • Expertise in customer experience
  • Experience in retail marketing
  • High level experience in precinct planning
  • Knowledge of strategic Positioning
  • Experience in Visual Merchandising
  • Understanding of Global Best Practice in retailing
  • Understanding of Competitor analysis

The Retail Business Specialist on the board will act in an advisory role to help us set direction to drive sustainable future performance in the retail environment to help improve the markets business performance including presentation, sales and operating profits on a stallholder and market level.

The Board of the ASFM meet monthly on the third Wednesday of the month at 5pm for approximately 90mins. All board positions are voluntary in their nature and there is no offer of remittance extended.

Expressions of interest with your resume should be sent to the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market Executive Officer – Christine Robertson at by no later than COB 7 June 2019.  Enquiries to Christine on 0414 843 567.

Overview of the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market

The farmers’ market at the Adelaide Showground site in Wayville, South Australia is operated by the Adelaide Showground Farmers’ Market Incorporated – a not-for-profit organisation formed on 3 July 2006.

The organisation was formed with the assistance of the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia (The Society). The Society initially employed a project manager and provided in-kind support to enable the formation of the organisation, including an interim farmers’ market committee, with their first informal meeting recorded as 31 March 2006. The Society subsequently provided seed funding in July 2006 in the form of a loan to the newly incorporated association to enable the establishment of the first city based farmers’ market in South Australia.

The farmers’ market commenced on Sunday 1 October 2006 with 71 stall sites. The initial location for the market was on the lawns of the brick dairy adjacent to Leader Street within the Adelaide Showground site.  In June 2007 the farmers’ market moved to its current location in the beef cattle pavilion and adjacent car park. An estimated 3,000 to 5,000 people attended the new farmers’ market each week in the first six months of the market operations. Market membership was also available for market shoppers to become supporters of the market.

By purchasing membership shoppers were able to support the operation of the market and receive a ten percent discount off their shopping at all stalls at the market. By December 2006 over 500 people had signed up to be market members.

Market membership is now at over 2800, with an average of 6000 customers shopping at the market each week. Stall sites now average over 90 stalls per week.