Adelaide forum to discuss how design can influence wellbeing

Office designs that improve mental health outcomes. Socially lead residential developments that create stronger communities. Bedroom lighting that improves sleep patterns by mimicking the body's circadian rhythm. Air filtration systems that reduce asthma attacks...

These are just some of the innovations and emerging design ideas that will be discussed at Future Forum_WeIIbeing by Design being held in Adelaide next month.

Architect and Future Forum creator Dino Vrynios said the event in the series was designed to foster discussion about the future of design as it relates to health and wellbeing.

"Good design can be transformative to people's health, but most of the current thinking is limited to healthcare facilities. Wellbeing is a complex interrelationship between physical, mental, emotional and social factors that contribute to overall happiness," he said.

"Future Forum's aim is to talk about a fence at the top of the cliff as well as the ambulance at the bottom."

Gabrielle Kelly, founding Director of the SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre and Flinders University's Professor Alison Kitson will deliver keynote addresses before being joined in a panel discussion by Julianne Parkinson (CEO of the Global Centre for Modern Ageing), Rosina Di Maria (Principal at Woods Bagot) and Commercial & General Executive Director Simon Toovey.

"Historically, building design focused on utilising space and maximising productivity without much thought to how it might impact the health of the people using it," Simon said.

"Innovation in design has made great leaps in terms of ensuring buildings can improve wellbeing through different approaches to lighting, air, water and management of data. Discussions such as this that bring a multi-jurisdictional approach to discussing emerging trends and are important in ensuring we create living and working spaces that enhance our lives."

The forum will also hear from Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor and Health and Wellbeing Minister Stephen Wade MLC.

"Well designed and connected communities together with the world-class healthcare we provide will play a pivotal role in the wellbeing of South Australians," the Minister said.

"The Marshall Liberal Government is committed to exploring new and innovative ways of improving the health and wellbeing of our communities and citizens and I look forward to hearing about fresh approaches at Future Forum."

'Adelaide. Designed for Life.' was recently launched by Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Sandy Verschoor, a platform which places community wellbeing and resilience at its very core.

"The competition between cities for investment and talent is hotting up and people are increasingly looking at how a city will support their lifestyle. How a city supports wellbeing is an important measuring stick for employees and employers looking to make their next move," the Lord Mayor said. 

"Future Forum is a deliberate way of bringing representatives from across a range of sectors and industries together to devise ways we can work together to actively put the wellbeing and resilience of people at the centre of our growth agenda."

Supported by Commercial & General, Future Forum_WeIIbeing by Design will be held at MOD. Adelaide on Friday September 20. Tickets are available at

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Future Forum is an initiative of Architect Dino Vrynios and supported by Commercial & General

Since its inception in 2015, Future Forum has provided a platform for the exploration of design and architecture between designers, allied professionals, all tiers of government and members of the public.

Its long-term goal is to build a forum through events and podcasts that becomes an influencer to positively contribute to South Australia's strategic direction. Future Forum will encourage a dialogue around the importance of good design and good design process combined with collaborative partnerships and policy that can empowers its citizens to take action in our state.

In 2020, Future Forum will expand its remit and explore a range of subjects across four live events and a new series of podcasts sharing stories of those who a carving a path forward in South Australia and around the world.