Tenders for vaccinations

The COVID-19 Vaccine Taskforce informed the RLC that there is a Right for Tender for "The Vaccine Administration Partners Program":

This can be accessed by the Commonwealth government entities, businesses, peak groups, not for profit organisations, states and territories, and local governments and other Enterprises. Immunisation Providers must have the capacity and capability to administer a minimum of 500 vaccines a week, unless the delivery model or location precludes the delivery of 500 vaccines a week.

Immunisation Providers are to nominate in their Response individual State and Territories and regions in which they have the capacity and capability to administer vaccines (which must include relevant jurisdictional authorisations to administer vaccines), the service delivery models and staffing capacity.  Immunisation Providers must have authority to vaccinate in the jurisdictions they nominate for.

There is no limit to the number of Immunisation Providers that may be listed on the Panel.

Immunisation Providers will receive a fixed dose charge based on the location and number of vaccinations administered. Immunisation Providers may seek some financial support for set up costs. Additional fees and charges are dependent on the type of Client, Government or non-government. 

This opportunity closes tomorrow. Please access the link here .