Call for Roundtable nominations

The Retirement Living Council is establishing new industry roundtables, to encourage and facilitate information sharing, and problem solving between subject area leads in member companies. These roundtables will also help to identify emerging issues that need the attention of the Retirement Living Council, or an advocacy response. 

It is considered that these roundtables will provide good networking and professional development opportunities for executive leads. 

A member of the Retirement Living Council has been nominated to chair these roundtables, and a number of nominations have already been received. However, we are seeking further nominations from the wider industry in order to establish variety and holistic coverage of the nation and the industry. 

Places are limited and the RLC will advise successful nominees in coming weeks, feel free to nominate yourself or a representative of your organisation. These roundtables are expected to meet each quarter by videoconference, or as determined by members. 

The seven roundtables include: 

  1. Sales and Marketing Roundtable 
  2. Property, Planning and Construction Roundtable 
  3. Legal Affairs and Regulation Roundtable
  4. Chief Financial Officers Roundtable
  5. Community Operations Roundtable 
  6. Care Services Roundtable 
  7. Land Lease Roundtable 

Please reach out to the RLC via [email protected] to signal your or your representative's interest in participating in a roundtable.