Rental Reform Legislation Passed by Parliament

The Queensland Government have passed a range of changes to rental laws.

The changes are aimed at improving quality standards and enhancing protection and security for renters.

Changes include:

  • Establish minimum standards to ensure all Queensland rental properties meet standards for safety, security and functionality.
  • End without grounds evictions and providing appropriate grounds to end a tenancy, including the end of a fixed term agreement. A rental property owner will not be able to issue a notice to leave ‘without grounds’, which will provide renters with more certainty.
  • A renter can end their interest in a lease with seven days’ notice if they are unable to safely continue it because they are experiencing domestic and family violence.
  • If a renter requests to keep a pet, a rental property owner must have reasonable grounds to refuse and respond in writing to this request within 14 days. Reasonable grounds include if the property is unsuitable, and if keeping the pet would breach laws or by-laws. Rental property owners can also place reasonable conditions on pet ownership, including that the pet is to be kept outside or that carpets are cleaned and the property is fumigated at the end of a lease. Rent increase is not a reasonable condition. The laws also clarify that fair wear and tear does not include pet damage.

These changes represent the first stage of rental law reforms. It is intended that the second stage of reforms will be presented to Parliament in the first half of 2022.

Previously the Property Council has provided extensive input on the reforms and has reinforced the need to ensure that the relationship between renters and landlords is balanced to ensure a healthy rental market.

To read the Property Council’s most recent submission, please click here.