The Water Netserv Plan is being amended to add the water connection area outside Council’s Priority Infrastructure Areas (PIA) onto Urban Utilities maps.

This amendment will identify lots outside the PIA that may be eligible for assessment as a Standard Connection under the Water Netserv Plan.  Eligibility will be subject to meeting all the standard connection criterion outlined in the Plan.

The amendment is scheduled for public release on Monday 17 January 2022.  On this date, all the existing maps will be updated.  There will be no change made to the Plan itself.

The following notes outline what the amendment means for those landholders impacted by this change:

  • A buffer around the existing non-trunk water pipes is being added to the Water Netserv Plan maps outside the Priority Infrastructure Area to represent the Connection Area for lots eligible for standard connection in accordance with the Water Netserv Plan.
  • The mapping acts as a trigger for assessment against the standard connection criteria (Table SC2.2.1) in the Water Netserv Plan. The mapping is not a guarantee that all lots will be eligible for standard connection and each application will need to be assessed on a case by case basis.
  • To be clear, the mapping does not limit a house to be located within the buffer but provides guidance on where a property connection can be placed.
  • The mapping does not override the provisions of the relevant planning scheme and does not seek to encourage intensive development or subdivision beyond that identified in standard connection criteria SC1.
  • The landowner remains responsible for all works on the lot between the water meter and the house.

Any specific site enquiries, including enquiries concerning properties outside the limits of the mapping in the Water Netserv Plan, can be made by contacting Urban Utilities’ Developer Enquiries service on [email protected] or 07 3432 2200 (8:30am - 4:30pm weekdays).