Local Council Budget Breakdown

The Townsville City Council unveiled a $957.5 million budget on 21 June. With a population that has just surpassed 200,000 Council have invested 80 per cent of this budget, equal to $774 million, for the delivery of services like asset maintenance, water, waste and wastewater treatment. Rates in Townsville rose by 2 per cent. Access the 2022/23 Townsville City Council Budget Papers for more information.

The Sunshine Coast Council announced an $847 million budget on 23 June. The biggest allocation of funds in this budget was a $237 million Capital Works Program. This is set to provide an injection for local infrastructure projects to stimulate work for local trades and businesses while improving access to services and facilities for communities on the Sunshine Coast. There has been a 5 per cent increase for the Minimum General Rate which means ratepayers are set to fork out about $1332.50 per year. Access the Sunshine Coast Council 2022/23 Budget for more information. 

The Gold Coast City Council handed down their budget on 14 June totalling $1.7 billion. Over $400 million of this is expected to flow through local businesses, via the Gold Coast’s City Procurement Policy. A key highlight of this budget has seen road repairs, improved cycleways, new bridge works, and pedestrian pathways cop a $285.6 million investment. Rates in the region rose 4.3 per cent, which is $3.11 per week. Access the 2022/23 Gold Coast City Council Budget for more information. 

The Moreton Bay Regional Council have delivered an $816 million budget on 17 June, with a record $259 million capital works program all without having to cut a single project. There is spending allocated for parks and the environment, sustainable waste management and community-centred facilities to keep Australia’s third biggest council on the front foot. There has been a 4.8% minimum general rate rise for owner occupied houses which is the equivalent of $0.98 per week. Access the Moreton Bay Regional Council Annual Budget 2022-23 for more information. 

The Logan City Council provided ratepayers with a record $1.014 billion budget on 20 June that had healthy injections for grassroots sports, the environment, innovation and infrastructure. A key highlight shows there has been an allocation of $224.7 million for road and water infrastructure to accommodate Logan’s rapidly growing population. There has been a 2.49 per cent bottom line increase for rate payers or $1.35 a week. Access the Logan City Council Annual Budget 2022/23 for more information. 

We would like to encourage members to check their assets to confirm the impact of rate increases on their activities.