Developer Review - Work and Stakeholder Engagement Plan

The Queensland Government’s Developer Review Panel has released its Work Plan and Stakeholder Engagement Plan, which sets out the key areas of focus for the Panel as well as planned timing for public consultation and delivery of the final report to the Minister. 

Public consultation is planned between July and August 2022 with the final report to be provided to the Minister in October 2022.

According to the document, the key focus areas for the panel are:

  • Defining ‘development activity’: understanding the core characteristics of development activity and whether, within this broad spectrum of activity, any activity leads to delays in payments of funds to principal contractors and deficiencies in building quality and safety.
  • Security of payment: identifying any developer practices or behaviours that may contribute to late or non-payment or insolvency in the industry.
  • Building quality and safety: assessing the influence and impact developers have on building outcomes as a result of current common procurement practices and identifying any risks associated with developers engaging third parties.
  • Effective responses: considering whether current regulatory and non-regulatory avenues effectively respond to any issues identified through work streams (2) and (3) and if further responses would reduce, limit or mitigate less favourable financial or operational outcomes.

The Property Council is engaging with the Panel to make sure the voice of industry is heard. If you would like to contribute to our advocacy efforts, please contact Wade Oestreich, Queensland Policy Manager on (07) 3225 3034 or by email at [email protected].

Important Links

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